Hey and Welcome to Made By Frivolous Girl!
A collection of handmade products made by me, the Frivolous Girl. I offer a variety of items Made2Order but also sell my demo-makings. I'm based in Sweden.

This store is an outlet of my creativity and love for making! So the content can change, anything from Crochet tops to handmade skincare. I don't want to settle for a niche!

There may also pop-up second hand clothing and other things that I may have gotten tired of that will get more love and attention from You!

I ship worldwide unless otherwise stated!

I hope you'll find something that you like :)
Got any questions? Feel free to shoot me a message!

Connect with me:
Website: http://frivolousgirl.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MadebyFrivolousGirl
Twitter: http://twitter.com/frivolousgirl_
Instagram: http://instagram.com/frivolousgirl_